Gripset Xpress Multi Pro Membrane - 15 Litre

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Xpress Multi Pro Membrane represents a new level of next generation waterproofing technology for water based membrane systems, providing fast cure properties that are unique in low temperature and high relative humidity environments.
Designed for both under tile and exposed applications subject to UV exposure, Xpress Multi Pro enables installation and operation under full service conditions in a fraction of the time of any other water based liquid membrane system. Xpress Multi Pro overcomes traditional shortfalls of current water borne systems including prolonged drying times, susceptibility to re-emulsification after early water ponding and washout after rain.
Based on hybrid polymer technology, Xpress Multi Pro provides an elastomeric membrane that is a safe alternative to hazardous solvent based and moisture cured membrane coatings.
Further time efficiencies are gained when this membrane is used with Xpress Primer H2O Plus for priming/sealing roof areas, damp and green mineral substrates containing residual moisture. With a 1 hour dry time, Primer H2O Plus can be overcoated significantly less time than traditional 2 part epoxy based vapour barriers.
Enabling project flow with minimal delays, rapid re-coat times and ability to subject the final membrane film to early water exposure, the Xpress Multi Pro Membrane is part of the next generation Gripset technology that continues to add value for waterproofing professionals and building projects with standalone waterproofing innovations.
Features & Benefits
 Ultra-rapid drying and curing properties – forms a rain resistant finish in less than 1 hour
 Withstands early ponding water and permanently wet conditions without re-emulsification or blistering after 3 hours of application
 Suitable for under tile and fully exposed UV applications
 Class III membrane to AS4858 and AS4654
 Excellent adhesion properties
 Outstanding weather resistant properties
 Resistant to fungi and algae
 Low dirt retention
 Light foot trafficable
 Solvent free, non-hazardous

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