Gripset E60 Water Based Epoxy Primer 20litre kit

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• Prevents rising damp and moisture ingress
• Durable waterproof finish
• Suitable over damp and green substrates

• Non-flammable, low odour and low VOC
• Able to be applied to damp surfaces and freshly laid concrete
• Easy water clean up
• Pot life 1-2 hours (at 25°C) once mixed
• Compatible surface for bonding tiles, screeds and other coatings

• Moisture barrier on negative sides of underground wall surfaces prevents ingress of
moisture e.g. lift pits, basement walls, tunnels, cellars, car parks, retaining walls etc.
• Protective primer over concrete and mineral surfaces that contain residual dampness
• Low water vapour transmission protective coating over “green” or damp concrete
• Protective moisture barrier against rising damp on floors, enabling direct adhesion of coverings, levelling compounds, screeds etc.

Gripset E60 Data Sheet

Gripset E60 SDS - Part A

Gripset E60 SDS - Part B