Gripset Patchphalt Permanent Asphalt Repair 20kg

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Unique pothole and road solution to repair asphalt surfaces that have been affected by holes, cracking, breakup or general damage. Enhanced with polymerised technology, Patch-Phalt strengthens and stabilises the repaired surface and assists in maintaining against future pavement breakdown.

  • Cold applied; no heating required
  • Premixed and ready to use
  • Fast and effective repairs to asphalt surfaces
  • Immediately trafficable after application
  • Pothole repairs
  • Car parks and driveway repairs
  • Utility cuts
  • Trip hazards and broken pavements
  • Footpaths, speed humps and trenches
  • Kerbs and channels
  • Asphalt/ Bitumen


20kg pail

1 tonne Bag (special order please contact us for further information)

Gripset PatchPhalt Data Sheet

Gripset PatchPhalt SDS