Gripset P10 PU Vapour Barrier and Surface Enhancer 10Litre

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• Solvent free
• Single component product – no mixing
• Outstanding adhesion and sealing properties

• Excellent adhesion properties
• 100% solids
• One part compound, avoiding waste of 2 part primers
• Suitable for internal and external applications
• Can be bulked up with sand for high build repairs
• Solvent free, odourless and environmentally safe
• Durable high strength finish suitable for surface coatings or other finishes such as timber, parquet etc.

• Vapour block primer to prevent rise of residual moisture from screeds, concrete, render etc.
• Surface enhancer on mechanically weakened screeds and toppings
• Primer for Gripset membranes on moisture affected surfaces to prevent membrance blistering
• Primer for parquet and timber flooring
• High strength repairs to surfaces that are undulating or require high build patching (bulked with sand)
• High quality anti-dust treatment on concrete, dusty screeds, aerated concrete etc.

Gripset P10 Data Sheet