Gripset Elastoproof ARC Anti-Reflective Cracking Membrane 20M

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Innovative high strength, waterproof sheet layer designed to extend the life of pavements and asphalt wearing courses by protecting surfaces against reflective cracking. Forming a high strength waterproof layer that reduces moisture into the sub base and spreads loadings on road surfaces to extend the longevity of road pavements.

  • High strength and self adhesive waterproof sheet layer
  • Extends the life of pavements and asphalt wearing courses
  • Reduces pavement cracking and protects against moisture ingress
  • Repairs to roads and pavements affected by crocodile cracking, surface depressions, and damaged base layers
  • High strength joint reinforcement membrane between different substrate abutments for road extensions
  • Protective underlay before asphalt re-surfacing
  • Waterproofing suspended car park surfaces

Gripset ARC Data Sheet